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Accurate diagnose by a simple test

Asthma is an inflammation disease caused by chronic bronchitis. During bronchitic inflammation, the bronchitic wall will emit nitric oxide (NO).

Niox Vero can measure the NO concentration from the exhalation, it can provide accurate assessment to the severity of the asthma inflammation.

Niox Vero is easy to operate, the patient is only required to make a 10 seconds exhalation through the mouth piece.

More accurate assessment to steroid treatment

In the past, doctors decide and adjust the treatment plan by investigating patients’ symptoms and lung function test.

However the variations of patient symptoms and lung function condition are not consistent, it cannot provide accurate assessment to the severity of asthma.

The test result is helpful for diagnosing asthma and titrating steroid.

Proved and recommended by international medical authorities

On a solid basis of clinical research, FeNO test is a clinical assessment method recommended by Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), American Thoracic Society (ATS),

British Medical Association (BMA), French Medical Association (FMA), Swedish Medical Association (SMA) and Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases (CSRD).

The FeNO is a useful reference value for the doctors to decide and adjust the treatment plan.



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