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Sleep Study

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, you can follow your doctor’s instruction for a night of Sleep Study called Polysomnography (“PSG” for short), which studies a number or physiological parameters during sleep. After analysis, the doctor will be able to diagnose whether you suffer from sleep apnea.

Sleep Study (1st phase):

The Sleep Study includes the following: :

  1. EEG – can show the sleeping stages of the patient
  2. ECG – can check the vascular condition during sleep
  3. EMG – can detect the muscular activity during sleep
  4. EOG – can determine whether the patient is in REM stage (Any dreams occur? Dreams often occur during deep sleep)
  5. Snoring – shows the snoring volume and times
  6. Airflow of mouth and nose – check the amount of air the patient breathes
  7. Breast and abdomen contraction – shows the breathing activity of breast and abdomen
  8. Leg movement – shows the leg movements during sleep
  9. Sleeping position – shows the sleeping position of the patient
  10. SPO2 saturation – shows the pulse oximetry

The patient can choose the location of doing the Sleep Study, in hospital or at home. Our company will send the technician to the hospital or to your home as required.

Memorandum of having Sleep Study:

  1.   On the day of taking the Study, continue your daily activity and avoid sleep at daytime.
  2. On the day of taking the Study, do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol or soft drinks.
  3. Inform the doctor if you are having any medical treatment
  4. Before having the Study, please bath and wash your hair. Avoid using body lotion and hair spray.

    Man: Please shave; Lady: Please avoid make-up
  5. Please wear pajamas with buttons in front. This facilitates the Study.
  6. In order to get the best results, please admit to hospital or arrive home before 8:00pm and maintain a relax mood. The technician will arrive between 9:00pm – 10:00pm to start the Study.

If you have any queries regarding above, you can consult your doctor. Regarding CPAPs, you can call us and we are willing to solve your enquiries.

Sleep Study (2nd phase):

CPAP setting

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea after the Sleep Study (1st phase), your doctor will arrange an appointment with you to undergo a CPAP setting. Results from this setting will determine what pressure you should use.



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