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NIOX VERO® accurately assesses airway inflammation.2

Using FeNO technology, NIOX VERO has a reputation worldwide as the gold standard in FeNO testing.3,4 You can enquire about NIOX VERO and get in touch with our dedicated NIOX partners via our website.

In 2019, Circassia received the Small Diagnostic Manufacturer of the Year Award by the ARTP (Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology) for the innovation of NIOX VERO®.

What is FeNO?

FeNO is an Objective Biomarker of Airway Inflammation1,2

Fractional Exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) is a quantitative, non-invasive and simple method of measuring airway inflammation that provides a complementary tool to other established methods of assessing airways disease in asthma patients.

Specifically, FeNO is an objective measurement of allergic/eosinophilic inflammation. This type of airway inflammation results from the activation of mast cells and antigen-specific T-helper cells type 2 (Th2) resulting in the production of cytokines including interleukin (IL)-4, IL-5, and IL-13.3

Adapted from Fahy 2015, Godard 2018.4,5

Measuring FeNO with NIOX VERO® across the entire patient care continuum can help in:

·         Assisting diagnosis of asthma and identification of patients with Th2/Type 2 Allergic/Eosinophilic Inflammation2,6

·         Determining steroid responsiveness and optimising the dose of inhaled corticosteroids2,6

·         Uncovering non-adherence to inhaled corticosteroids7-9

·         Reducing the likelihood of exacerbations in patients at risk for future events10,11

·         Identifying asthmatics who are possible candidates for treatment with a biologic12


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